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Adding/Removing Text Styling

Access the text editor window by selecting any text or images appearing in the letter editor.

The text editor window is designed to function much like a word processor (click image to enlarge)

The text editor window is designed to function much like a word processor. Highlight sections of text with your mouse and choose a button for the text editor to apply a particular style. You are able to mark up your text in a variety of ways:

  • Create Header text sections
  • Change text colors
  • Change text fonts
  • Change font sizes

Single Line Spacing versus Double Line Spacing

You will notice that the Letter Editor automatically places a double line space when you use the "enter" key on your keyboard. This was designed this way to allow you to conveniently copy and paste paragraphs of text from a word processor.

If you want single line spacing, hold down the SHIFT key while pressing enter.

Fixing Styling Issues

All of these things work well, until they don't... Sometimes, markup pieces overlap one another. When pieces are then removed or relocated, the editor makes a guess as to what the formatting should be which can create unexpected results.

Copying and pasting HTML markup directly into the editor can also sometimes create unexpected results.

If the formatting in a text component starts to "misbehave", the best solution is to reset the all of the formatting and start over.

  1. Select all of the text being affected
  2. Click the Remove Formatting button in the text editor
Remove Formatting

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