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The goal of this tool is to provide a Capture Form for your website WITHOUT requiring extensive knowledge of HTML.

Setting up a Capture Form for Your Website

Creating a basic Capture Form requires some basic information:

  • Use Javascript Checking? - not required, but creates some nice checks for your subscribers before the form is submitted.
  • Form Width - every web page is different. Providing this information helps ensure a good "fit" on your page.
  • Landing Page URLs -- if you wish to use different Landing Page URLs than what is specified in your Profile, do so here.

Getting the HTML Code

Placing a Capture Form on your web page is as simple as copy and paste. You can choose to copy a single line of JavaScript, or the entire raw HTML table - then paste either where you want it to appear on your web page.

Either method (JavaScript or HTML) will generate a Capture Form containing all data you wish to collect from your subscribers.

Customizing Fonts and Colors

Most web pages are designed to have our Capture Forms inherit the style of the page on which they are being placed (fonts, colors, etc...). Should you find the need to further stylize your form, we have provided some tools to make manual changes to form size, fonts, colors, and other features.

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