AutoResponder Video Training

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The Basics

This series of short videos will take you entirely through the process of creating an AutoResponder Campaign.

"The Basics" Video Training Series: Full Playlist

Creating Your AutoResponder Campaign

Creating Your Autoresponder Letter

Formatting Letter Text

Adding Images To Your Messages

Adding Links To Your Messages

Adding Video To Your Messages

Using PreMade Templates

Using Containers and Components

Setting Up Your Automated Followup Series

Custom Templates

Custom Landing URL's

Using a Custom Brand Logo

Adding Capture Forms To Your Website or Blog

Defining Capture Form Data

Sharing Your Letters With Others

Retrieving a Published Letter Series

Broadcasting To Your Subscriber List

Hosted Capture Pages

Importing Subscribers

Subscriber Manager*

Recycling Subscribers

How To Delete an AutoResponder Campaign

Additional Letter Editor Videos

Containers and Components

Advanced Subscriber Management