Retrieve a Published Campaign

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Retrieving pre-written letters can be a real time-saver.

Retrieve A Published Campaign

After clicking Retrieve Published Campaign, you will have two options for retrieving pre-written letters:

  • Retrieve Master Autoresponder Letters - this will retrieve letters that you can use to send to prospects interested in learning more about This will create a series of letters that automatically include your Affiliate Link.
  • Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters - if someone else has made their own pre-written letters available for your use, you can select this option. You will be required to enter both the Autoresponder ID Number and the 5 digit code provided by the person that created the original letters.
  • Select the Campaign to retrieve the letters in to.
  • Click Retrieve Pre-Written AutoResponder Letters

<seealso> Creating a New AutoResponder Campaign Publishing a Campaign for Others to Use </seealso>