Publishing a Campaign for Others to Use

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Managing a sales team can be challenging. Select this option to make your letters available to your entire organization for quick setup and duplication.

Publishing a Campaign for Others to Use

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Your first step is to make sure you have created your letters using Signature Tokens. This will make it easy to share your letters with anyone else on your sales team that is also using the AutoResponder system.

Once your letters have been created and you are sure that your Signature Tokens are set up the way they need to be, go to your Campaign Options Tab and check the box next to "Publish" These Letters:


Click Update Campaign Options.

The next screen will give you two pieces of information that you will need to share with your team:

  • Series ID Number
  • Passcode

Anyone you share this information with that is also using the AutoResponder system will be able to retrieve your letters. Be sure to tell them which Signature Tokens to use so that their letters will be created with the proper name, phone number, link info, etc...

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