Mass Editing Your Campaign Subscriber Lists

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There are dozens of reasons why you may need to edit a subscriber's information over time, particularly if you are using your system as a Customer Retention Manager (CRM -- See Contact Management Tools). For example, a customer (subscriber) could have given you a new phone number, or moved to a new location.

Editing a single subscriber is a relatively easy task. Using the Subscriber Manager, you can search for individuals by name, email, or other criteria. Once located, you can edit any of the available fields for this subscriber.

What may NOT be clear, however, is how to mass edit your Campaign subscribers list. Again, there are a number of valid reasons for wanting to edit many subscribers at one time. Most common uses for mass editing are:

Retroactive “Fixes”:

  • You want to “clean up” the format of your list to remove improper capitalization or accidental misspellings.
  • You are now collecting additional data beyond name and email (e.g. Postal Addresses), and need to add this data to pre-existing subscribers.

Updating Current Information:

Mass Editing via Export/Import

The most convenient way to edit your subscriber list can be accomplished in three simple steps:

1) Export to your computer

Using the Subscriber Manager, export all or part of your Campaign List to your computer's desktop.


2) Edit your list with your favorite spreadsheet program

This exported file is a tab delimited file that can be opened by most common spreadsheet programs. This will allow you the fastest editing method possible using software that you are already familiar.

3) Import the list BACK to your Campaign

Using the Import Subscribers link, you can re-import this list BACK into your Campaign by copying the rows you have changed and pasting them into the box provided by


What you need to know about Re-Importing

  • Unlike a first-time import, if a Subscriber has already confirmed their email address for any of your Campaigns, they will NOT be asked for reconfirmation.
  • Just like a first-time import, you are prompted to define each column of subscriber data that you are importing. Only columns that are identified here will be modified - any additional subscriber data will be left alone.
  • If you define a field during this import, any subscriber data will be overwritten.
  • With the exception of Custom Tokens, your subscriber data is stored independently of a Campaign. This means that if you have changed a subscribers name from "Bob" to "Robert", this subscriber will appear as "Robert" in any Campaign to which he is subscribed.
  • If you do not define a field during this import, any subscriber data will be left alone.
This can help speed up the process of only defining those that you are wanting to edit.
For example, if you have collected data for the Country field, but are NOT making any changes to this data during this import, simply do NOT assign any of the columns for this import. Any data currently stored will be left alone.
Conversely, if you wish to remove all data in a given field, simply assign that field to an empty column during this import (you may need to copy and paste extra columns from the end of your spreadsheet).

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