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[[File:AR-Manage-Criteria2.png|frame|center||Segment your Subscriber List any way you see fit using the Subscriber Manager]]
[[File:AR-Manage-Criteria2.png|frame|center||Segment your Subscriber List any way you see fit using the Subscriber Manager]]
==''See Also''==
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[[SOC Activity Guide]]
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Tagging Subscribers
[[Contact Management Tools]]
[[Tagging Subscribers]]
[[Category: AutoResponder]]
[[Category: AutoResponder]]

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Any actions you wish to perform with your Campaign Subscriber List (or lists) are performed through a central Subscriber Manager interface. These actions include:

  • Viewing or Editing Individual Subscribers
  • Sending a new Letter Broadcast
  • Recycling your Subscribers (restarting Subscribers that have finished your Automated Letter Series)
  • Transferring or Copying Subscribers to a new Campaign
  • Exporting your Subscriber List
  • Tagging Subscribers
  • Removing Subscribers

Accessing The Subscriber Manager

There are several ways to access the Subscriber Manager.

1) While managing a Campaign:

You can access the Subscriber Manager by clicking on the Manage Subscribers link under your Campaign's Subscribers tab. AR-camp-manage-subscr-tab.png

2) Using a Manage button in one of the Subscriber Activity Screens:

The Campaign Statistics tab has a number of tools where you can manage a segment of your total list based on subscriber activity. (see SOC Activity Guide)


3) Search all Campaigns Globally


If you manage more than one Campaign, and are looking for individual subscribers by name, email, tag, etc., you can use the Manage My Subscribers link found under the main AutoResponder tab in the main toolbar.

Subscriber Manager Overview

The Subscriber Manager is broken into several parts:

Primary Subscriber Management view.

The top window shows a list of criteria that apply to the group of subscribers we want to work with – the default is to work with all Active subscribers. If you have entered the Subscriber Manager by clicking on a Manage Subscribers button in another area of the Campaign Manager (e.g.: an SOC Activity screen), this criteria will be included in this window.

The next window shows how many subscribers match that criteria, and also provides options for viewing individual subscribers, or changing the criteria being used.

Below these two windows is a group of buttons for the actions that are available for the group we are working with.

Managing Subscriber Sub-lists – Changing the Subscriber Management Criteria

Use the pulldown box to add additional search criteria. Combine multiple criteria to create complex searches.

It is very easy to manage individuals, or portions (sub-groups) of your overall Campaign Subscriber list, by changing the criteria to match specific conditions. These conditions can include things like:

Indvidual Subscribers

* Subscriber Email Address is "john.smith@mydomain.com"
* Subscriber Last Name is "Smith"
* Subscriber Full Name contains "Smith"

For additional information on working with Individual Subscribers, see the Contact Management Tools wiki page.

Sub-Groups of Subscribers

* Subscriber has Tag “Hot”
* Subscriber State/Province is “TX”
* Subscriber Custom Token 2 contains “Ocean”	

The negative of these criteria statements are also available, allowing the creation of criteria statements like:

* Subscriber has tag “Important” and does not have tag “Skip”

Clicking on the Modify Search Criteria button (shown in image above) will open a new window with tools allowing the addition or removal of criteria. Use these to create search conditions like the ones above, or combine criteria to create more complex conditions like:

* Subscriber Country contains “Canada” and has tag “Important”
Segment your Subscriber List any way you see fit using the Subscriber Manager

See Also

SOC Activity Guide

Contact Management Tools

Tagging Subscribers