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The Import feature is available to members who wish to import valid (not purchased or harvested) leads in to your Autoresponder Campaign.

Importing Subscribers

Adding an Individual Subscriber

The Import Area automatically generates a Lead Capture Form for you to import individual Subscribers. If you wish to collect additional Subscriber Data, please see the Customizing Campaign Data wiki page.

Adding a Subscriber List

Importing a Subscriber List has a few extra steps. You will need to have your data saved as a TAB or COMMA delimited file, or use a common desktop spreadsheet program like Excel, Numbers, or LibreOffice.

Add Your Raw Subscriber Data

Either copy the text from your delimited file (or copy the rows and columns directly from your spreadsheet program) and paste this into the box provided and click Submit

Our servers will read and prepare your Subscriber data for the next step...

Assign the Column Fields

Every data column in your file must be assigned to a corresponding Campaign Field (called a Subscriber Token).

At a minimum, your imported Subscriber data must include the Subscriber Email Address, and in some cases - also include a NAME or FIRSTNAME/LASTNAME combination. (see Customizing Campaign Data or Letter Tokens wiki pages for more information)

Any columns left Not Used in this step will be ignored during the actual Import.

Assign each column from your Import to the corresponding Subscriber Token

Add Subscriber Tags (optional)

If you wish to add a Subscriber Tag (see Tagging Subscribers) to this Import, you can do so before submitting your data assignments.

When these steps are completed, your Imported Subscribers will all be sent your Campaign Confirmation email, and will be added to your Campaign after this confirmation step.

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