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This article walks you through the basics of setting up your banner ads on the system. You may have noticed that the bottom of your Affiliate site includes a banner ad spot that rotates various banner ads.

By setting up your banner ads in your back office, your banner will be the only banner displayed at the bottom of your own Affiliate site ,throughout our other Affiliate pages, and other sites that participate in our banner exchange.

Think of your banner ad as a mini-billboard on the Internet. Any time someone clicks your banner ad, they will be taken to the URL (web site) that you specify.

Creating Your Banner Ad Campaign

Click Banner Campaigns in the Member Extras section of your back office.


Click Create New Banner Campaign.


Confirm that you wish to create a new banner campaign.

The next screen will show you a campaign set up with a default banner and your Affiliate URL.

You have the option to upload a new banner image and change the URL to any other URL you like.

Deleting A Banner Ad

When you go to your Banner Campaigns screen, click the name of the banner campaign you wish to delete.

Click Delete Banner Campaign at the bottom of the screen.

If your banner ad looks stretched or squashed, be sure you are uploading a banner that is 468x60.

You do not need to use an AdTracker for your Banner URL as your Banner Ad Stats are maintained in the Banner Campaign section automatically.

Your Click-Thru URL is the website that you want visitors to go to when they click your banner ad.

Your Banner URL is the image URL that displays your banner ad. If your banner ad is hosted on another web site, you will want to use the full url for the location of that banner, such as: does not create banner ads. You may create your own banner images using any graphics program or hire banner creation services to do this for you.