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(Creating An AutoResponder Campaign)
(Creating An AutoResponder Campaign)
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[[Customizing Your Campaign Confirmation Message]]
[[Customizing Your Campaign Confirmation Message]]
[[This is my NEW LINK]]
==Building a Subscriber List==
==Building a Subscriber List==

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AutoResponder Index

If you are new to this system, start here

AutoResponder Overview

Creating An AutoResponder Campaign

Creating a New AutoResponder Campaign

Deciding What Campaign Data to Collect (Beyond just Name/Email...)

Letters: Creating Letters

Letters: Creating Letter Templates

Letters: Using Letter Tokens

Letters: Retrieve a Published Campaign

Customizing Your Campaign Confirmation Message

Building a Subscriber List

Hosted Lead Capture Pages

Add Lead Capture Forms to Your Website

Subscribing by Email

Using your TrafficWave.net Report Page

Importing Subscribers

Communicating With Your Subscriber List

Creating an Automated Letter Series

Broadcasting Individual Letters

Managing Subscriber Lists

Searching Your Subscriber List

"Recycling" Subscribers (Restart the Automated Series)

Using your Campaign as a Contact Manager

Transferring/Copying Subscribers Between Campaigns

Getting MORE Out of Your Campaigns

Integrate AdTrackers into Your AutoResponder Letters

Create an Automated "Flow": Campaign Chaining

Compare/Remove Duplicate Email Addresses Between Campaigns

Copying Letters/Templates Between Campaigns

Publishing a Campaign for Others to Use

Creating Your Own Website Landing Pages

Tracking Your Open Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

AutoResponder FAQ