Recycling Subscribers

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When your subscribers have received all of your follow up letters, you have the option to "recycle" them to start over with your Automated Letter Series.

Recycling Subscribers

From The Subscriber Overview:

There is a Manager shortcut icon found on the Subscriber Overview page. Click the icon corresponding to "Finished Subscribers"

Use the Manager shortcut icons from the Subscriber Overview page to open the Subscriber Manager with pre-defined search criteria.

Directly from the Subscriber Manager:

  • When you mouse over the Subscribers tab, click Manage Subscribers.
  • Click the Modify Search Criteria, and select the radio button for Subscriber is Finished receiving Automated Followup Letters

Once you are in the Subscriber Manager Area

  • Use the Recycle Action Button to recycle the selected Subscribers.
  • (optional) You may select a different Letter than the first to re-start the Automated Series. For example: If your first Letter is a Thanks for Subscribing Introductory message, you may wish to recycle the series with the second letter.

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