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A Capture Page is a page that includes a form used to collect subscriber data from an interested party.

If you do not have your own capture pages, you do have the option of using our Hosted Capture Pages at no additional charge. These pages allow you to edit some basic text.

If you prefer to create and host your own capture pages, we recommend for web hosting.

Creating a Hosted Capture Page allows you to create multiple Capture Pages that are hosted on our servers to use with your AutoResponder Campaign - each with their own unique URL.

To create a new Hosted Capture Page (or review ones you have created already), select the campaign you wish to work with. Mouse over the Capture Pages/Forms tab and click on Hosted Capture Pages.

To create this simple Capture Page page, you will need to:

  • Select a Template from any of our pre-designed templates
  • Create a Page Title Nickname
  • Create a Headline
  • [optional] Create a Subheadline
  • A minimum one paragraph "invitation" for the interested party to fill out your form. Up to three paragraphs are available on most templates.
  • [optional] Signature information
  • [optional] Landing Pages (if defined differently than your Profile)

Capture Forms and instructions can be set to languages other than English. See Language Support for more information.

You can return to any Hosted Capture Page to make changes at any time by simply clicking the nickname of an existing Hosted Capture Page.

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