Creating a New AutoResponder Campaign

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Training Video Available!! makes it easy to create a new autoresponder campaign with our Campaign Creation Wizard to walk you through each required step.

Place your cursor over the AutoResponder tab in the top menu bar, and click Create New Campaign from the pulldown menu


Campaign Creation Wizard

The system will walk you through a series of forms that will ask you for information relevant to creating your new AutoResponder campaign.

The Campaign Wizard will create:

  • Campaign Nickname - every Campaign will have it's own unique nickname.
  • Signature Tokens - key pieces of data, like your Return Name and E-mail address are collected here to be used in your Letters. See Letter Tokens for more information.
  • CAN-SPAM Address - this will be included at the bottom of each message sent from your Campaign.
  • Defining your Campaign Data - your Campaign can be customized to collect more data than just Name and Email. See Customizing Campaign Data for more information.

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