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More than just an email marketing system, your AutoResponder can function as a full-featured Contact Manager giving you greater power and flexibility over how you build and manage your marketing campaigns.

Contact Management Tools

Searching for individual subscribers is handled through the Subscriber Manager You can access the Subscriber Manager by clicking on the Manage Subscribers link under your Campaign's Subscribers tab.


For more details on using the Subscriber Manager, visit the Managing Your Subscriber List wiki page.

After you have located for the individual or group of subscribers, you can click Show Individual Subscribers to see details on each subscriber in your Campaign.

The Show Individual Subscribers button will appear in the Subscriber Manager window when the total subscriber group is below 500.

Click the magnifying glass View-icon.gif to the left of each subscriber to add notes, create reminders, see stats, edit contact information, or delete your prospects.

Use the magnifying glass icon to open the Individual Subscriber Manager

The Individual Subscriber Manager window contains all management tools for editing subscriber information, keeping notes, tagging, etc...

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