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You can create a series of Letters that will be sent to your subscriber list automatically, beginning with the moment they confirm their subscription.

This automated follow-up is a vital tool for marketers - your Letters are sent to your Leads in order, at the time interval you specify, without any further action from you!

Creating an Automated Series

After you have created some Letters , place them in the order you wish your subscribers to receive them by adding a value to # Days Delay. When you submit these values, your Automated Series is ready to go! You can send one letter per day to your list using the Automated Series.


In the above example:

  • When a new subscriber joins this Campaign, they will receive the Letter #1 - marked with a "0".
  • When one day passes, they will receive Letter #2.
  • When two days have passed, they will receive Letter #3.

As time passes, the subscriber will receive the subsequent letters in your Campaign in the order you have specified.

Subscribers can be "recycled" to restart to automated series, or can be chained to another Campaign when they have finished an Automated Letter Series.

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